By Marissa Chibas and Aissa Santiso / Fábrica de Arte Cubano (FAC) / la Habana, Cuba, 2017. Como parte del proyecto El Acercamiento / The Approach

Cuban video artist Aissa Santiso and Cuban American theater artist Marissa Chibas collaborate on each creating a video reflection with the meeting ground being the final audio recording of legendary Cuban political figure Eddy Chibas, whose final speech ended in his suicide. Aissa’s grandmother was a follower of Chibas and he was Marissa’s uncle. The artists have used this mutually important Cuban to reflect on nostalgia, Cuban history, loss, and legacy.
The two videos, each made separately by the artists, will be screened opposite each other while anchoring the space is a radio from which Eddy’s tempestuous final speech is heard. For the performance element Marissa will create a live movement response in collaboration with Aissa.
This project is meant to serve as the initiation of a dialogue between the two artists who seek to cross the great divide that exists between Cuban exiles and those in Cuba. Using the mutual “voice” of Eddy Chibas, the women visually respond via their videos and reflect on what his speech evokes in them.


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