THE BIG BLUE EYE / action1 by Aissa Santiso

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ensayo 1
Forest Castle Technology Lab
Software Art

Telas suspendidas por andamios, proyector, pc, secuencia a través de isadora.
Cloths hung for scaffolds, projector, PC, sequence through isadora.

Through the experimentation between the light, material and language, The BIG BLUE EYE series search ways to the picture´s appear through the screen.
It´s a series of installations or ambients when the light isn´t just the visual element that make the installations, it´s also the meaning.
The YC waveform is a graphic that it use for measure the intensity of the video´s signal. It exist two kinds of standards, the US standard with luminance´s level of 7.5 to 100 IRE, and Japan standard with 0 to 100 IRE. Each picture or film before to come out are controlled for these standards.
In consequences our perception´s criteria are influenced for these standards when we going to do a valuation of picture´s quality in terms of luminance and chrominance.
It´s means that the big telecommunication industries have created a perceptual and visual culture in the contemporary societies, manipulating our perception through the picture.
The histograms that I represent, are an allusion to the signal, it exists like a code visual behind to the normal language to the pictures and writing that we see in the screen in all tele -digital and analogue devices that we use daily.
BIG BLUE EYE is an example to the natural coexistence with the signal translate in picture.
So, each time that I show the wave, we see the easily of its mutability, its variability to the simple matrix. That is the reason for I don´t see the series like the close objects, it´s an open lab to the mobility of their meanings.

ensayo1- era una experiencia audio-visual que como primera etapa buscaba tratar de encontrar una comunicación entre el computer y yo. A modo de ritual consistía en estar de frente a histogramas en estado de concentración durante el tiempo de la puesta en escena. Mientras la pieza invitaba a los espectadores a la contemplación hipnótica estos histogramas iban cambiando de color tras terminar un ciclo de secuencia, los cuales eran repetidos en loop.
Esta instalación-ambiente es consecuencia de un cierre de experiencias anteriores trabajando con este gráfico,(sistema de ondas yc, que en edición se utiliza para equilibrar la cantidad de luz de una toma o señal) en las que poetizaba acerca de las dinámicas aleatorias que son observadas y manipuladas dentro de un sistema de valores.
En esta acción el histograma representa la secuencia de un director de orquesta dirigiendo la tocata y fuga en re menor de Bach, sacada de la pelìcula experimental Fantasía1940.

ensayo 1 – It was an audio – visual experience when I was finding a communication between the computer and I. Like ritual it consisted at share whit the piece for one day. The piece was inviting the spectators to the hypnotic contemplation, these block diagrams were going to change of color after ending off a sequence cycle, them as they were repeated in loop.
This installation – environment was consequence of an experiences closing previous working with this graphic, ( waves system yc ).
It was poetizing about the aleatory dynamicses that are observed and manipulated inside a moral values system.
In this work the block diagram represents an orchestra conductor’s sequence directing the toccata and flight in re minor of Bach, taken out of the experimental film Fantasy 1940.


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